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stretch bracelet, Natural Wood with added accent beads .. Beaded Bracelet



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Handmade with Love, Care & Soul by Zee\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8`* \u2729A very unique Natural wood beaded stretch braceletThis bracelet is made with durable stretch jewelry cord for a \u201cone size fits most\u201d.Biblical Meaning of Wood. ... Wood is a material that allows a spiritual connection beetwen people and the Divine. Wood is a natural symbol and it is considered to be the most valuable material all around the world. When it comes to trees in general, we can say that they usually symbolize longevity, wisdom and knowledge..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:Please remember that handmade beads, seeds and/or old beads are irregular, uneven and not perfectly round or shaped. This gives them their historical and traditional appearance. I believe that Mother Nature provides us with exceptional beauty and I respect her creations. *IMPORTANT* Wood beads can withstand occasional contact with water but to avoid discoloration, they must not be worn in the bath or submerged in water.Please contact me if you have any problems or concerns about your item(s). I am very willing to resolve Amy issue you may have before you leave any neutral or negative feedback. My goal is to better serve you and others as well. [email protected]\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:*\u00a8\u00a8*:\u00b7..\u00b7:, ethic

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