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semi precious, Blue Grey Aquamarine Bracelet | Gold Filled | March Birthstone | Gift for Her



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Aquamarine: reduces stress and anger. Healing stone. Calming~ All metal is gold filled ~ Adjustable length. Can be clasped anywhere from 6.5\u201d to 7.75\u201d*Feel free to contact me with any questions. \u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728Back to shop: CraeVita.visit my website for the newest jewels! CraeVita.comFollow me on Instagram from news and updates: @CraeVita.Maui ***********************************************************************************, craevita

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