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Enamel Skull Pendantcopper, Dia de los Muertos Necklacecopper, Coppercopper, White Brown Spotscopper, Enameled Jewelry - Baby Kit



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Enamel Skull Pendant. Baby Skulls!!! My enameled skulls got smaller. For those girls (and guys) who have been asking for my enamel skull on the smaller side here are the babies.\r\rI've mentioned my skull obsession before. Well I couldn't resist cutting out a few skulls from my thin copper sheet and enameling them to make the cutest girly goth skull pendants ever! This one is a baby size measuring 1 inch in width and 1 inch in height. It was fired multiple times in my kiln building up layers of glossy lead free vitreous glass on both sides. It's white with brown spots (light gray on the back) and hangs from an 18 inch gunmetal chain with lobster clasp. \r\r\r*See second photo for size reference. Baby Kit is the same size as the black skull on the left. My traditional skull is the dark red one on the right.\r\rPlease stay and have a look around venbead., day of the dead

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