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Murano Glass Teardrop-Shaped Earrings in Black Swirled with Amberstatement earrings, Gold and Copper Flecksstatement earrings, Statement Earrings



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Authentic Murano glass earrings in a teardrop silhouette. The bead begins with black glass encased in pale amber glass, featuring a swirl of suspended aventurine (flecks of copper). These are richly colored earrings with a mound of clear Murano glass giving them a magnified effect. The crafters in Murano, Italy create these beads using age-old techniques; because they are handmade, the exact shape, color, size, and placement of the fragments are completely random with no two ever exactly alike. Note that you will receive the exact earrings in the pictures.I've hung these earrings on my own handmade gold-filled ear wires.A unique gift for a special person.~ Murano glass bead: approximately one inch/25.5mm X 0.8 (21mm)~ Length: approximately two inches/50.8 mm from the tops of the ear wires* Please note these pictures are extreme close-ups to show all details. The size of these earrings can be best judged by viewing the pictures of the pieces in my hand, on the model, next to the ruler, and by reviewing the size details above. *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~See more ear drops here: https://www./shop/LeanneFDesigns?section_id=18111127&ref=shopsection_leftnav_2See more Murano glass here: https://www./shop/LeanneFDesigns?search_query=muranoSee my entire shop of jewelry here: https://www./shop/LeanneFDesignsThanks so much for looking!, murano glass

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