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art jewelry, Koala on Quarter Sawn Ash Wood Pendant



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The Peace of Wild Things.\u00a0This beautiful pendant features an koala\u00a0hand drawn\u00a0on quarter sawn ash\u00a0wood. It measures 1.5 x 2.5 inches and hangs from an 18 inch sterling silver snake chain.\u00a0When you purchase one of my hand drawn pendants you can be assured that you are getting a beautiful piece of wearable art that was crafted to stand the test of time. Each pendant starts with choice wood that is individually cut, shaped and sanded to a beautiful finish. The wood is then sealed with oil before I add the artwork. The stainless steel eye screws are glued to ensure they won't loosen over time. The artwork is drawn with professional quality colored pencils and sealed with varnish. For the final finish I apply two coats of Renaissance wax.International buyers:\u00a0If you are buying more than one item, please contact me so I can check the shipping cost for you.\u00a0**Click the link below to return to my shop's home page:http://www./shop/AndromedaDesigns, wood

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