Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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If summer means vivid colors and fall and winter means darker, earth and less brightly tones, we must admit that colors are able to lighten fall and winter outfits and our mood up.I have always thought of my jewelry and accessories as colorful brush strokes upon a neutral black or plain color canvas (canvas in this case stands for one's dresses).I imagined this collar, in which I intentionally included black, on a black blouse, turtleneck or dress (but also on purple or pink ones for the most lively and colorful women), to which it will give a unique multicolor and joyful touch.This necklace is perfect for you if you love colors and want to stand out with original and unique details.*Materials*The necklace is crocheted in high quality cotton yarn in the tones of black, light yellow and two shades of purple. It's decorated with some purple wooden beads and with copper finished little rings and chain.*Measurements*The necklace is 46.5cm long and can reach up to 55cm thanks to the chain.The bib is 6 cm high at the higher point (the central and larger circle diameter) and is 17 cm wide when around the neck.One of a kind!, gift for her

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