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My unique handmade clay jewelry was designed to clay necklace be reminiscent o clay necklacef diachro clay necklacenic glasses ability to clay necklace achieve different co clay necklacelo clay necklacer hues in different lighting. I achieved this effect by using vario clay necklaceus co clay necklacelo clay necklacer-shifting pigments, and metallic metal po clay necklacewders, as yo clay necklaceu will see in the abo clay necklaceve sho clay necklacert video clay necklace clip. Please no clay necklacete, the jewelry fo clay necklacer sale is NOT the piece sho clay necklacewn in the video clay necklace. The video clay necklace is merely to clay necklace be used as an example o clay necklacef ho clay necklacew the clay co clay necklacelo clay necklacer-shifts depending o clay necklacen the light :)Additio clay necklacenally, the type o clay necklacef AB Swaro clay necklacevski crystal rhinesto clay necklacenes I use in my wo clay necklacerk also clay necklace have an co clay necklacelo clay necklacer shifting pro clay necklaceperties which also clay necklace change co clay necklacelo clay necklacers depending o clay necklacen where the light hits them. Because o clay necklacef the way the jewelry was created, and because each mo clay necklacenito clay necklacer is different, please allo clay necklacew fo clay necklacer so clay necklaceme variatio clay necklacens in co clay necklacelo clay necklacers. What may appear to clay necklace be a blue o clay necklacen so clay necklaceme pho clay necklaceto clay necklacegraphs might actually be a green in perso clay necklacen. It truly just depends o clay necklacen where the light hits the piece o clay necklacef jewelry. In additio clay necklacen, please no clay necklacete that it is perfectly no clay necklacermal if a tiny amo clay necklaceunt o clay necklacef pigment rubs o clay necklaceff o clay necklacen yo clay necklaceur hand if yo clay necklaceu rub yo clay necklaceur jewelry. Tho clay necklaceugh mo clay necklacest o clay necklacef the pigments are permanently ingrained in the clay, there might be a small layer that didn't get co clay necklacempletely remo clay necklaceved during the finishing pro clay necklacecess. Again, this is perfectly no clay necklacermal and will no clay necklacet stain yo clay necklaceur skin o clay necklacer clo clay necklacethes and will be very minimal if any at all. Thank yo clay necklaceu fo clay necklacer yo clay necklaceur understanding.-------MATERIALS: The necklace base is po clay necklacelymer clayThe chain is Surgical Steel-------MEASUREMENTS:Chain measures appro clay necklaceximately 20 inches lo clay necklaceng.The pendant measures appro clay necklaceximately 2 inches lo clay necklacengThe to clay necklacetal dangle length o clay necklacef this necklace (chain + pendant) measures appro clay necklaceximately 22 inches-------CARE INSTRUCTIONS:It's no clay necklace secret that clay and water do clay necklacen't play well to clay necklacegether, therefo clay necklacere, I stro clay necklacengly suggest taking this piece o clay necklaceff befo clay necklacere bathing o clay necklacer swimming!If yo clay necklaceur necklace is expo clay necklacesed to clay necklace water such as rain, that is perfectly fine and will cause no clay necklace damage as lo clay necklaceng as yo clay necklaceu remember to clay necklace let yo clay necklaceur necklace air dry tho clay necklacero clay necklaceughly befo clay necklacere sto clay necklacering it.Pro clay necklace tip: Never sto clay necklacere any fine jewelry in a mo clay necklaceist enviro clay necklacenment, such as a bathro clay necklaceo clay necklacem, as this can cause unnecessary damage to clay necklace yo clay necklaceur jewelry o clay necklacever time.-------POLICIES:Please make sure to clay necklace read my 'po clay necklacelicies' sectio clay necklacen carefully befo clay necklacere checko clay necklaceut. Mo clay necklacest questio clay necklacens can be answered there!

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