Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wearableStone drop necklace, 5 stones, 17 inches long #26



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fiberThis intricately stitched necklace of locally gathered stones and waxed linen thread is sure to attract attention on your neck. My jewelry line is based on a piece I did in 1999 while in graduate school. I had a pile of stones in my studio, which in their previous life had been tools used to hold down maple seeds and leaves while being glued together. The stones, I decided, needed a home, a place of honor. I stitched little bags around them and hung them together in a group. They reminded me of a musical instrument, made to spin and hum, or perhaps a tribal form of money. Many of my friends have asked \u201cCan I please have just one stone?\u201d I started to make the jewelry as gifts for those friends.\rIf you are not in the US and would like to purchase a necklace, please email me and I will get pricing for you.\r\rInventory #cb-23-11

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