Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vfg, 60s Japanese Millefiori Beaded Necklace Green Jade Flapper Beads



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So art glass necklace bright and co art glass necklacelo art glass necklacerful is this vintage ro art glass necklacepe length necklace o art glass necklacef vivid green jade co art glass necklacelo art glass necklacered glass beads, accented with Japanese millefio art glass necklaceri beads, circa 1960s.The Flapper style necklace features ro art glass necklaceund and spindle shaped beads o art glass necklacef a bright green jade o art glass necklacer chryso art glass necklaceprase co art glass necklacelo art glass necklacer, alo art glass necklaceng with pale semi-translucent pink beads, go art glass necklaceld to art glass necklacened separato art glass necklacer beads, and larger sized Japanese millefio art glass necklaceri beads swirled with blue and pink o art glass necklacever white.The strand can be wo art glass necklacern in a variety o art glass necklacef ways as sho art glass necklacewn \u2013 and has a spring ring clasp, weighs 90.9 grams, and measures a co art glass necklacensiderable 60 inches aro art glass necklaceund.

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