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stainless steelGolden Guernsey Bone Earrings-Handmade, Recycled, Hand Painted, Sculpted



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originalThese earrings a very unique piece of wearable art with a classic Guernsey doe's head painted on it. The bone is from a beef rib that I found on a local ranch and cut lengthwise with a Dremel cutting wheel. Then I sketch the goat heads on the bone and cut them out and sculpt them drill holes and paint them, double coat with waterproof sealer. The stone is about 1" X 1" and comes in a plastic clam shell jewelry case. I have several friends that raise these unique Guernsey dairy goats and I always enjoy seeing them at Shows or Conventions as well. The Guernsey is a very rare breed that is originally from the Isle of Guernsey of Europe and has several breeders across the country. The characteristics of the breed are their beautiful golden color from pale yellow to rich russet, long flowing coat in many cases, gold colored skin and slightly backward tipped ears. I hope that this new breed continues to grow in this country and is recognized at some point by the national registry.The paint used is acrylic and sealed with a waterproof sealer. Each piece of jewelry is unique and different from others that I have painted, just like a piece of sculpture or painting, a true piece of ART.

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