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smoker, Crystal Healing Summer Health Boost Howlite and M.O.P Choker and Bracelet



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This is a very pretty and virtually unbreakable crystal healing necklace and bracelet, of dyed HOWLITE (which is naturally just plain white) and Mother of Pearl. The gemstone beads are strung on a coil of memory wire that twists around the neck about 3 to 4 times. Not only is this very attractive but it is ideal for holiday hustle and bustle for it will stand up to sand and surf and packing, you can throw it in your bag amongst your clutter and no harm will come to it ; a child could pull on it and it will not break leaving you with a floor covered in beads!Howlite is one of the unsung heros of the Crystal world for it is rather plain and thus unappreciated, however it is a very powerful and useful healing stone that helps the heart . It is a friend to all who smoke or have smoked, for it helps to keep the arteries supple, and especially helps with thrombosis in the legs which is often a complaint of older smokers. Mother-of-pearl aids skeletal strength, and helps heal injuries., heart

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