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LaMancha Chamiose Purple Mother of Pearl Necklace-Handmadehand painted, Hand Painted



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This is a dramatic violet purple Mother of Pearl necklace that is approximately 1.25" X 1/2"and suspended on a gold plated 18" chain. The diagonal square is hand painted with a lovely chamiose LaMancha using durable oil based enamel paint, covered with a waterproof sealer.LaManchas are my favorite breed! I have raised Toggenburgs, Alpines, Saanens and Nubians in the past, but LaManchas hold my heart. They are the only breed that was developed in the US and can be any color or pattern as long as they have those almost non-existent ears (gopher) or tiny ears (elf).It is packaged in a silver foil jewelry box. I hope this gives you a smile and lifts your day if only a little. Thank you for looking!!, necklace

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