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bold earrings, Luxe Tanzanite-NATURAL Rubellite Tourmaline-14k Gold Hoop Chandelier Earrings



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Please visit there is no sales tax unless shipping to the state of New York on my website.Lets start off with a little info on rubellite as many people have used the term loosely. The spectacular gems featured in these luxurious earrings of precious metal are the genuine article as they are ALL NATURAL with depth of color, which in true rubellite.... is a purple/red/pink. From unique frame of solid 14k yellow gold trails an abundance of fine faceted lilac tanzanite pears, a total of 20, all of which lead to the stunning gems of rubellite tourmaline at a substantial size of 13mm x 9mm. True opulence that will surely turn heads! Overall length of earrings including the 14k gold earwires is 3.5"., bold earrings

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