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minimalist earrings, 27ct Natural Blue Topaz-Solid 14k White Gold Contemporary-December Birthstone Earrings



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Please visit there is no sales tax unless shipping to the state of New York on my website.These gems are truly amazing in person and will leave you speechless with outstanding luster, superb eye clean transparency in a stunning shade of sky mesmerizing are these that they appear to be liquid pools of blue trapped within the gems. These 3 dimensional upside down teardrop cabochons require the finest roughs to manufacture into these stunning beauties. As with this particular cut, the inclusions would be greatly magnified and a much larger rough is needed to utilize the cleanest parts only. Normally blue topaz of such superior quality are miniscule, but these stunning inverted teardrops on the contrary are at a sizable 16mm in length with a total carat weight of 27. To showcase these fine gems without detracting from their amazing beauty, I've chosen unique contemporary earwires of solid 14k white gold with the overall length at just a tad over 1". I've seen a lot of of jewelry being sold as blue topaz on Etsy when in fact it's treated quartz or worse yet, glass. These are the genuine article, all natural mined from the earth quality topaz., white gold earrings

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