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A mandala is a geo drop earringsmetric design that represents the co drop earringssmo drop earringss metaphysically o drop earringsr symbo drop earringslically and ho drop earringslds a great deal o drop earringsf symbo drop earringslism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Mandalas are a symbo drop earringsl o drop earringsf deeper co drop earringsnnectio drop earringsn with the self and the universe.These earrings measure 2.75" tall fro drop earringsm the to drop earringsp o drop earringsf the ho drop earringso drop earringsk to drop earrings the bo drop earringstto drop earringsm o drop earringsf the wo drop earringso drop earringsd and are made to drop earrings o drop earringsrder. The ho drop earringso drop earringsk and rings are made fro drop earringsm Stainless Steel and are unplated, hypo drop earringsallergenic, and made to drop earrings last.

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