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psychology, Neuron Ceramic Earrings in Pink



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This is a unique hand-formed and hand painted neuron ceramic earring set made by Surly Amy at Surly-Ramics. I have posted some photos of the beautiful, Surly Mary wearing a similar pair so you can see how fantastic these will look on.These earrings are approx. .75"w x 1.25"h and have sterling silver posts.They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.The earrings come packed in a pretty little black box and is perfect for gift giving. (even if the gift is for you!)You can find out more info about Surly Amy , Surly Johnny and Surly-Ramics and see our other designs and lots more photos at surlyramics.comAll images \u00a9 Amy Davis Roth and Surly-Ramics Thank you for looking and thank you for buying handmade!, oval

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