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Spirit Horse Black/Turquoise Natural Antler Earrings-Handmadewar horse, Recycled Hand Painted



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These striking earrings are made of found shed deer antler with the black spirit horses hand painted on each one. The horse was a magical beast to the First Peoples and was held as a most valued possession and partner. They painted their horses to enhance certain abilities. This horse is black with turquoise spots on shoulder and hip to symbolize hail falling on the enemy on a natural antler background.The Artist (me)has signed and dated the back of each earring. They are on Surgical Stainless Steel fishhook earrings with silver plated ball and coil and soft rubber stoppers and packaged in a silver foil jewelry box.What a wonderful gift these would make for that special someone who loves horses and native inspired arts or you could keep them for yourself!!, handmade

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