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SALE scuba diver's dream! Clown fish and coral! This fused glass pendant with under water fish and coral decals was made in my studio using a layering technique which required 3 separate kiln firings to complete. These high quality enamel decals become part of the glass during the firing process, and will not scratch off. The background has layers of subtle blue streaks over white. The bail is silver, and it comes ready to wear on a black 18" wire necklace.The pendant itself measures approx. 2 by 1 3/8" wide, by 1/4" THICK. Unlike other pendants you'll find on Etsy that are only a layer or two thick, this one is comprised of at least 3 layers resulting in unbelievable depth in the background! It was then cold worked after firing resulting in a squared off tile like appearance- a very substantial yet comfortable to wear pendant with frosted edges, showing off the different layers in the glass! Signed on the back., bubbles

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