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Smoky Quartz Earringsbrown stone earrings, Smoky Brown Gemstone Earringsbrown stone earrings, Autumn Color Long Earringsbrown stone earrings, Neutral Jewelrybrown stone earrings, Dark Brown Stone Earringsbrown stone earrings, Theresa



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Smoky Quartz Earrings, Smoky Brown Gemstone Earrings, Neutral Jewelry, Fall JewelryI made these Long Smoky Quartz Earrings with over 17 carats of richly faceted gems. The stones are simply fantastic. Silky brown with wonderful clarity and a luxurious feel. I capped them with beautifully detailed long .925 Sterling Silver cones with a willow leaf pattern. They sway on sterling silver ear wires with a ball detail. The longer tapered wires are in perfect scale to the size of the earrings. This shade of brown is among the most versatile of Autumn colors, but this is true, year round neutral jewelry. The Theresa earrings measure about 48mm (around 1 & 7/8 inches) from top to bottom. Gemstone Lore has it that Smoky Quartz helps lift depression, dispel negativity and grief and even helps prevent nightmares., brown stone earrings

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