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perfect gifts, Authentic DIY Sea Glass JEWELRY KITS earrings or bracelet



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"HOOKED ON SEA GLASS" D.I.Y JEWELRY KITS!Kits feature authentic drilled sea glass (hand-co earringsllected asho earringsre), sterling findings (jump rings and French ear wires Or 7-inch bracelet chains), and simple instructio earringsns, all displayed in a whimsical, co earringslo earringsrful. o earringsne-o earringsf-a-kind, nautical-themed package. Cho earringso earringsse between TWO PAIRS OF EARRINGS (bro earringswn/white, white/green, o earringsr green/bro earringswn) OR ONE CHARM BRACELET (five multico earringslo earringsred sea glass charms, either tiny, small, o earringsr medium-sized).I'm happy to earrings send exact pho earringsto earringss o earringsf kits - just let me kno earringsw the co earringslo earringsrs and sizes desired (tiny, small, o earringsr medium shards). I have a few bracelet kits co earringsntaining rare-co earringslo earringsrs (such as co earringsbalt and aqua) and can create custo earringsm kits as well. Please inquire abo earringsut custo earringsm o earringsrders. Kits are perfect fo earringsr ages 9 - 99 and are make an ideal activity fo earringsr birthday parties o earringsr "Mo earringsm's night o earringsut" adventures! *The ultimate gift fo earringsr avid beaders o earringsr sea glass enthusiasts\u2026 *ARTIST IS A BOARD MEMBER FOR THE NORTH AMERICAN SEA GLASS ASSOCIATION

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