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Photographed is a little koala joey whilst at the koala hospital in Port Macquarie. Some of these little guys are a result of the Mother being run over or having an accident and the joey is hand reared. They get to a certain weight and are then released back in to the Australian bush. Hopefully by the time I list this pendant he will be happily making a new home back out in the wild.I have reduced one of my photos and placed it in a locket with a glass front. The pendant is attached to a silver tone cable chain with lobster clasp and the chain measuring a generous 24 inches (61cm) and the pendant dropping almost an extra 1.5 inch (4cm).This pendant is not fully waterproof so please remove before bathing or swimming.To go back to my main store click here.http://www./shop/BeadsMe?ref=si_shopOr you can check our my photographs here.http://www./shop/BeadsMe?section_id=10785487, international

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